Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I Read

I know some of you have blogrolls as long as my arm. I don't know where you find the time. But, without further ado... my blogroll:

These blogs pretty much satisfy my need for young, enthusiastic, creative, and innovative voices in the math education blogosphere. I'm sure there are more great ones out there, and of course I'd love to hear about them, but these have made me happy so far.

But there is another type of voice that I continue to search for - the voices of experienced, wise, veterans. I wouldn't mind reading a few more blogs in this category, but I currently recommend:

  • John Benson (along with a young colleage, PJ Karafiol) who writes Angels of Reflection which is filled with tough lessons and ideas with teeth - all backed with demonstrated success and not theoretical success. This is immensely appealing to me.
  • Vicky Rauch (aka Scipi @ Go Figue!) who writes from the sobering perspective of a veteran teacher in the midst of products from a failed secondary mathematics education. Her wisdom in the context of community college mathaphobes makes me consider the cost of too much innovation in math education.

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